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rodney the tortoise and students

Rodney the tortoise

sawyer the tuxedo cat and students

Sawyer the  Tuxedo cat

bailey the pug and students

Bailey the pug

chloe the domestic short hair cat

Chloe the domestic short hair cat


joyce geib animal care instructor

Joyce Geib – Animal Care Instructor

Animal Care

Animal Care (with Internship) 22 - 23


 Do you love animals?  Is a career working with animals for you?  The Animal Care with Internship program may be the career path for you!  LBSA offers 4 levels of Animal Care each level being one semester long.  After completion of levels 1 & 2 a student will receive a certificate of completion and then again after completion of levels  3 & 4. These are 18 week courses with opportunities for a satisfying career in Animal Care.

Classes meet T/TH from 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM.  This is the opportunity to change your future!

            No refunds will be given after the second class meeting.      Payment plans can be arranged.

Step to enroll in Animal Care

Step 1:  Each prospective CTE student needs to come in to the Adult School Main Office at the Willow St campus  to fill out required enrollment  paperwork and create a account.  Step 2: Pay for the class. We accept cash, debit or credit. (Payments Plans are available.)     CTE students do not take an assessment test, and orientation for the class is given the first class session.               

For more information contact Carlece Martin at or call (562) 595-8893 Ext. 231.  Call today!

itzy the tortoiseshell kitten

Itzy the tortoiseshell Kitten

gwenivere the bearded dragon

 Gwenivere  the Bearded Dragon


Mobie the Ausie and Lab mix

Coco  Lhasa Apso


Support animals can come in all breeds even stuffed.

pumpkin the corn snake and student

Pumkin the Corn Snake


Our interns hard at work at Joyful Paws

Vincent van Gohld grey mouse

Ivy the Pug

bella the german shepard and students

Bella the German Shepard 

khloe the terrier mix and students

Khole the Terrier mix 

mocha the bull terrier puppy

Mocha the Bull Terrier puppy

student smiling with freckles the old english spot

Freckles the old English spot

Speedy and Lightning Bolt

Guinea Pigs