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High School Diploma Program

Enrollment is on-going as space permits. Call for an appointment to come in for orientation and assessment 562-595-8893. Office hours are Monday - Thurs  9 am - 6:30 pm, and  Friday 9 am - 4 pm.

Official transcripts are required for placement  in the High School Diploma Program.  LBSA does not accept elective credits or partial credits. All students will be required to take an assessment as a part of the registration process. A score of 237 or higher is needed on the CASAS Reading assessment to qualify for this program.  This is an Independent Study Program, with students coming into the Lab to pick up and drop off work and take tests and quizzes. The majority of the work is done at home.  We offer APEX options as well as small group instruction.


Steps to enroll in High School Diploma 

Step 1: Attend Orientation and Assessment. See the Orientation Schedule by clicking the blue orientation tab on the left side of this page. Step 2: Create an account and get a student ID number.                      Step 3: Complete assessment test to determine program placement.  

Step 4: Once placement level is determined, your will be place in the appropriate class or on a waiting list.

Step 5:  If you are enrolled Obtain your start date for your program.

Step 6: Attend the class orientation for your program. If you do not attend the class orientation you will be dropped.

All Orientations start on time, NO student will be allowed to enter an orientation after it has begun. 

Enrollment process will take approximately 2 hours to complete. 

Attendance is very important, an 80% attendance rate is required for all LBSA classes.  Commit today!

It is very important for all students to keep a working e-mail, that is check regularly and up to date working phone numbers. This information is used by teachers and staff  to communicate with students on wait lists, school events and class assignments. 


LBSA Graduates, follow your dreams

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LBSA has a 6 year WASC Accreditation 2017-2023
LBSA has a 6 year WASC Accreditation 2017-2023
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karen connolly hsd instructor

Karen Connolly - HSD Instructor    Co- Lead

chrysna samel hsd instructor

Chrysna Samel – HSD Instructor


Click here for

Fall 2018 Orientation and Assessment Schedule 

High School Diploma Program Locker