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Mission * Vision Statement * SLOs

Welcome to the Long Beach School for Adults

 Long Beach Unified adopted a resolution formally reinforcing a message of reassurance. Our schools will not participate in potential federal enforcement actions based upon immigration status, religion or nation of origin. We will do everything within the law to protect students regardless of their status. Our role as public school educators is to welcome and serve all students who arrive at the schoolhouse door, regardless of their situation in life. We embrace diversity as a strength in our schools and in our society, and we do our very best to meet each student’s unique needs. Our counselors and other staff will assist any students worried about any aspect of their future. The recently adopted Board resolution is included on the LBUSD website, under the Board of Education February 15, 2017 minutes. We will continue to welcome and protect all students. We will do everything in our power to prevent unwarranted intrusions or distractions that might interfere with the high-quality teaching and learning that happens every day in our schools. 

Mission * Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of LBSA is to provide educational opportunities that empower a diverse population of adults to be productive citizens in an ever-changing society.


Vision Statement

The vision of LBSA is to encourage lifelong learning through a culture of excellence which supports the needs of the 21st century workforce and citizenry.  

Student Learning Outcomes

LBSA will produce students who are …


  • Effective Communicators & Collaborators

    • Utilize the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and active listening to respond effectively and appropriately to real-life situations

    • Work with others and access appropriate resources to effectively accomplish goals


  • Critical & Creative Thinkers

    • Utilize the skills of reasoning, calculating and processing information to solve problems and make informed decisions

    • Inspire innovative concepts and work to evolve 21st century societal issues and concerns  


  • Career & College Ready

    • Realize the importance of accountability and demonstrate socially acceptable moral conduct

    • Set and achieve personal, educational and/or vocational goals


  • Prepared Citizens

    • Demonstrate personal integrity and ethical behavior

    • Show sensitivity toward diverse cultures and individuals

    • Accept personal and professional responsibilities

    • Resolve conflicts through diplomacy