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Mission * Vision Statement * SLOs

Welcome to the Long Beach School for Adults

Superintendent Chris Steinhauser and our Board of Education adopted a resolution formally reinforcing the superintendent’s message of reassurance. Our schools will not participate in potential ...more

Mission * Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of LBSA is to provide educational opportunities that empower a diverse population of adults to be productive citizens in an ever-changing society.


Vision Statement

The vision of LBSA is to encourage lifelong learning through a culture of excellence which supports the needs of the 21st century workforce and citizenry.  

Student Learning Outcomes

LBSA will produce students who are …


  • Effective Communicators & Collaborators

    • Utilize the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and active listening to respond effectively and appropriately to real-life situations

    • Work with others and access appropriate resources to effectively accomplish goals


  • Critical & Creative Thinkers

    • Utilize the skills of reasoning, calculating and processing information to solve problems and make informed decisions

    • Inspire innovative concepts and work to evolve 21st century societal issues and concerns  


  • Career & College Ready

    • Realize the importance of accountability and demonstrate socially acceptable moral conduct

    • Set and achieve personal, educational and/or vocational goals


  • Prepared Citizens

    • Demonstrate personal integrity and ethical behavior

    • Show sensitivity toward diverse cultures and individuals

    • Accept personal and professional responsibilities

    • Resolve conflicts through diplomacy