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Welcome to the Long Beach School for Adult

Just before Thanksgiving break, Superintendent Chris Steinhauser sent a note regarding concerns students expressed about their immigration status. Students were worried how their status or their parents’ status might affect them, their families and their friends at school. This week, our Board of Education adopted a resolution formally reinforcing the superintendent’s message of reassurance. Our schools will not participate in potential federal enforcement actions based upon immigration status, religion or nation of origin. We will do everything within the law to protect students regardless of their status. Our role as public school educators is to welcome and serve all students who arrive at the schoolhouse door, regardless of their situation in life. We embrace diversity as a strength in our schools and in our society, and we do our very best to meet each student’s unique needs. Our counselors and other staff will assist any students worried about any aspect of their future. The recently adopted Board resolution is included on the LBUSD website, under the Board of Education February 15, 2017 minutes. We will continue to welcome and protect all students. We will do everything in our power to prevent unwarranted intrusions or distractions that might interfere with the high-quality teaching and learning that happens every day in our schools.

Message From: Long Beach Unified School District

To: The Long Beach School For Adults

Subject: Superintendent Steinhauser's Statement on Protection of Transgender Students

The Long Beach Unified School District embraces all students and remains committed to affirming a safe, productive learning environment for everyone.

Transgender students in LBUSD will remain protected regardless of the new executive order by the Trump Administration pertaining to access to restrooms and locker rooms.  California Education Code permits students to use facilities consistent with one’s identity.

This notice was originally posted to the news section of all school websites on 2/23/2017.


Long Beach School for Adults Campus 3701 E. Willow Street Long Beach, CA 90815

FREE Adult Basic Ed & High School Diploma Programs 2016-2017

Student registration will require a photo ID for alignment with LBUSD campus safety policy and a working email for ongoing home/school communication.  If you do not have a working email, you may set-up a free email during registration. All students will be required to sign the Student Attendance and Behavior/Dress/Disciplinary Action Policies.  Policies are available on the LBSA website at https://lbsa-lbusd-ca.schoolloop.com/ Registration is first-come, first-served, current students have priority registration 4 days following the end of term.  See Waiting List Policy.


ABE &High School Diploma REGISTRATION
Students interested in the Adult Basic Education or the High School Diploma Programs at Long Beach School for Adults should report to the LBSA Office B1 for registration.

~The Adult Basic Education Program is a structured Reading/Writing and Math course from 3:15-6:00 PM Monday - Thursday.  This program is designed to support students who need basic reading comprehension, writing and math skills.

~The High School Diploma Program is designed to support adult students who only need a few additional credits to qualify for a high school diploma.  Official transcripts are required for consideration in the Diploma Program.  This is a Distance Learning Program, all students are required to report for classroom instructional support a minimum of two sessions per week.


August 24, 2016 – FALL                    

9:00 – 11:00 AM, 12:00 – 4:00, 9/1only 5:00 – 7:00 

January 30, 2017– SPRING                   

 9:00 – 11:00 AM, 12:00 – 4:00, 2/1only 5:00 – 7:00



The Long Beach Public Library will offer an amnesty program for overdue book fines during the month of April, in celebration of National Library Month. From April 1 to April 30 the library will welcome back its overdue books and waive associated fines. Return any undamaged, overdue library materials to your local Long Beach Public Library location, and your overdue fines will be waived. If you have overdue fines from previously returned materials, donate a new book to the library and those fines will be waived, too.  For more information, visit the Long Beach Public Library in person or online at www.lbpl.org.



Long Beach Transit is offering community meetings on March 22, 23 and 25 to share information about transit trends and gather feedback on how to better meet transit needs.  View the attached flier for more information.


Do you need to finish your high school diploma? Do you need some additional help before taking a High School Equivalency Test?  We can help you!  We can help you for FREE!  Please come register for classes at the LBSA Office, B-1.  Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! First come, first served!

Classroom Instruction & Distance Learning Programs are available.

Today: 3/26/17



In an effort to provide the community with a safe, equitable learning environment, the Long Beach School for Adults has established the following guidelines for registration wait list.  This policy will be reviewed and updated annually by LBSA leadership.  Student applicants are expected to familiarize themselves and adhere to the LBSA Policies. Students who choose to violate the standards may be subject to disciplinary actions including, but not limited to, dismissal from LBSA for a period up to one year.  Policies are available on the LBSA website at https://lbsa-lbusd-ca.schoolloop.com/.

Students who commit criminal acts on a LBSA campus will be dismissed immediately and reported to the local police.  All students are required at all times to have a photo ID in their possession while attending LBSA.  The photo I.D. may be a government issued I.D. such as a driver’s license or California I.D. 

All programs have maximum enrollment based on classroom capacity and safety restrictions. Registration is first-come, first-served, current students have priority registration 4 days at the end of term.  Applicants are required to have a photo ID for alignment with LBUSD campus safety policy and a working email for ongoing home /school communication.  If you do not have a working email, you may set-up a free email during registration. All students will be required to sign the Student Attendance and Behavior/Dress/Disciplinary Action Policies.  

After full completion of the registration process, students will be offered a placement in a program of study or on the Waiting List, if the course is full.  Students will have the option to accept or deny the placement offer or otherwise opt out of LBSA program options.  

    Applicants will receive an email notice if a course placement becomes available within the first two weeks of the course. 
    The applicant must respond within 24 hours to claim the course placement or the LBSA staff will extend the placement to the next applicant on the Waiting List and the applicant will be removed from the Waiting List. 

    If applicant’s program placement is not available due to class enrollment, the applicant may be placed on the Waiting List.  Applicants will be informed during registration.  Applicants will receive a confirmation email of placement on the Waiting List.
    Applicants are required to respond to all email communications within 24 hours in order to hold that numerical position on the Waiting List.  

    All Waiting List applicants will receive a 4 week email notification regarding priority Registration for the following semester.  Priority registration for Waiting List applicants will be the 1st and 2nd days following the end of the term.  
    Applicants are required to respond to email communication within 24 hours in order to hold the priority registration position or the applicant will be removed from the list.